Upcoming Shows

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DP 1201 Flyer 11x17 05 OUTLINED

Join us on May 27th as we put our own spin on The Wizard of OZ!  Follow Dorothy down the glitziest of Yellow Brick Roads and hilarity, mischief, and magic occur!  18 and up only please.  TICKETS

DP 1201 Flyer 11x17 05 OUTLINED

Join us on June 4th as we present comedic neo-burlesque at is finest!  Featuring some of Dallas’ brightest burlesque stars, this lighthearted show is sure to keep you in stitches!  TICKETS 

DP 1201 Flyer 11x17 05 OUTLINEDThis non-stop thrill ride combines the best of burlesque with stunning circus arts!  Ringleaders, aerial performances, clowns, acrobats, contortionists, and so much more mean edge of your seat excitement and delight in this award winning production!  TICKETS