Upcoming Shows

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DP 1201 Flyer 11x17 05 OUTLINED

The insanely popular Cirque du Burlesque returns Feb 20th with aerial performances, belly dance, clowns, tramps, and of course- the best in burlesque!  Join us for this non-stop thrill ride hosted by Lillith Grey!  18 & up only please.  Tickets at Prekindle.com



Join us on Friday, Feb 26th for the premier of Ta-Ta Taboo, an all new kind of game show!  Join the show as all of the contestants are selected from the audience!  Games, prizes, trivia, comedy, burlesque, and more!  A show so fun, you have to see it to believe it!  18 & up only please.  Tickets available at Prekindle.com

DP 1201 Flyer 11x17 05 OUTLINED

Whether you’re into Star Wars or Star Trek, DC or Marvel, we’ve got you covered!  Level up as Viva Dallas Burlesque presents Talk Nerdy to Me!  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS at Prekindle.com